SMH Vulture Exo-Suit

Vulture's Exo-Suit is a super-villain costume used by Adrian Toomes, designed by Phineas Mason and used by getting convertible parts.


  • Mechanical Wings: Vulture's Exo-Suit has a special pair of retractable wings which enables him to fly with ease. The wings have specialized motors which provide thrust. They do not need to be manually controlled by the Vulture, allowing him to use hand-held weapons while in flight.
    • Flight: The pair of jet propulsion systems within the suit's winged harness enables flight at high speeds and provides the Vulture with considerable agility despite the suit's large wing span.
    • Talons: The edges of the wings can double as incredibly sharp talons which are capable of destroying entire concrete pillars. Another of its function is the ability to cut through objects in a scissor-like fashion. Additionally, the harness has a pair of mechanical talons at the feet that allow for lifting heavy loads while in flight.
    • Decoy Drone: There is a decoy drone stored in the back compartment of the Vulture's wings. The decoy drone was used to throw the cargo plane's ground control off the Vulture's scent.
    • High Altitude Vacuum Seal: A later add-on function of the wings is its ability to form a high altitude vacuum seal by bringing them close together.
    • Remote Control: The wings can be controlled remotely by the Vulture. They were activated remotely to destroy the supporting beams of a warehouse during one of the Vulture's confrontations with Spider-Man.
  • Exo-Suit: The primary purpose of the Exo-Suit is for Vulture to support the weight of the large winged steel harness but also enhances his strength in the process.
    • Enhanced Strength: The Exo-Suit gives Vulture the strength to overpower both humans and superhumans alike.
    • Enhanced Durability: Vulture's suit is designed to withstand blows from super-humans like Spider-Man.
    • Enhanced Speed and Agility: The suits jet propulsion systems allow Vulture to fly at high speeds and maneuver in the air with incredible agility, despite its large frame.


  • In the comics, the suit was made by Adrian Toomes for burglary and would have used in stealth purposes.

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