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Venom (Eddie Brock) Was A Reporter Who Worked For The Dally Bugle Working On A Case On The Sin-Eater Brock Found A Man Comfesing To The Killer Who Shot And Killed Poilcewoman Jean DeWolf After Reporting It. Spider-Man Found The Real Sin Eater That Was Policeman Stan Carter Brock Was Fired (He Did Not Lie) Brock's Wife Divorced Him And His Own Father Severed All Ties With Him.Brock Began Working Out,Body Bulding And Exrsizeing.He Found Out He He Had Cancer Eddie Was Willing To Kill Himseif.He Got Drassed And Went To Chrch Talking To God Willingly Because He Blamed Spider-Man And Eddie Had Hate For The Web-Head For Ruining His Life When Spidey Got Rid Of The The Ailen Symbitic Black Suit It Landed On Brock And Eddie Learned Evrey Thing Abuot And What Spider-Man Has And Brock Became Venom

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