The Amazing Spider-Man 2012

I wasn't really a huge fan of this film. Firstly, I thought a reboot was unnecessary so soon, I thought Spider-Man 3 was fine (and that it made $897 million) and from what I've read about Spider-Man 4 It sounded fine. Secondly the storyline was bordering on outright plagiarism. It was essentially just a rehash of Spider-Man with a different villain and love interest. I guess the source material dictates a bit, but in comparison to other reboots (Batman Begins, The Incredible Hulk, Man of Steel) it was just not unique enough from its predecessor.

I appreciated the darker tone of the film, trying to emulate Batman Begins, however a few scenes such as Spider-Man on top of that skyscraper and Aunt May calling him up to get eggs and the scene where Spider-Man taunts that car thief and "sneezes" his web shooters at him to emulate snot detracting from the tone of the film, not to mention the latter one wasn't even funny. The comedic relief wasn't handled as well as the originals, lacking someone to fill the void left by J.K. Simmons' hilarious portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson.

Andrew Garfield wasn't as good as Tobey as Spider-Man IMO, there's something about a white guy with a semi afro haircut that looked odd to me. He played Spider-Man fine, but he wasn't a convincing Peter Parker. Rhys Ifans, in contrast, was brilliant. He played Curt Connors extremely well and hope he returns in one of the future films. Likewise I thought Denis Leary was excellent and so was Emma Stone. I think It is a real shame that TASM isn't part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would've been awesome to see Spidey alongside The Avengers, especially considering that invasion happened in New York, his home town!

On the whole I thought this film was pretty average, though it has laid the foundations for what could become some pretty good follow up films. Darkening the film to set a tone similar to The Dark Knight trilogy was a good idea, but it was nowhere near that standard, David Goyer could write a better script in his sleep! I still would watch any of the previous 3 films over this one, but fingers crossed that the sequel will be better! 6.5/10

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