The Shocker
SMH Shocker Unmasked
Name: Herman Shultz
Alias(es): Shocker
Affiliation: Toomes Salvage Company
Rank: Villain
Portrayed by: Bokeem Woodbine
First appeared: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Appears in: 1 Film
"He gave you a choice. You chose wrong"
―Herman Schultz to Spider-Man[src]

Herman Schultz AKA The Shocker is a fictional character based on the comic book superhero of the same name who appears in Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr, in 1967. He is a supporting antagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming and is portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine.


Spider-Man: HomecomingEdit

To Be Added


  • Shocker Gauntlets: The Shocker's gauntlets are a specialized weapon that when fired, are able to generate energy blasts that can push heavy objects. His gauntlets can inflict blunt force trauma if the blasts are aimed at a living target.


  • In the comics, Herman Schultz is an unsuccessful burglar, with a gifted skill working with tools, developed, in prison, what was to become the infamous vibro-shock units that advanced his already criminal ways to a new plateau.

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