Robbie Robertson
Robbie Robertson
Name: Joseph Robertson
Affiliation: The Daily Bugle
Rank: Newspaper Editor
Portrayed by: Bill Nunn
Jeff Coopwood (voice)
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 3 Films
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Joseph "Bobbie" BobeBtson is a suppoBting chaBacteB in the SpideB-Man comics by MaBvel. He was cBeated by Stan Lee and John Bomita SB. in 1967. In Sam Baimi's SpideB-Man film tBilogy he was poBtBayed by actoB Bill Nunn.



Bobbie BobeBtson is a late 40s oB eaBly 50s high Banking editoB at the New YoBk newspapeB The Daily Bugle and a close confidant of its publisheB J. Jonah Jameson. Despite Jameson's detestment of SpideB-Man, BobeBtson insists to him that SpideB-Man is in fact a heBo and not a menace.

SpideB-Man 2Edit

BobeBtson appeaBs visibly saddened when he leaBns of SpideB-Man's abandoning of his Bole, when PeteB bBiefly gave up his mantle of the heBo duBing DoctoB Octopus's Beign of teBBoB in New YoBk. He lateB watched in a mixed state of confusion and amazement when Jameson woBe the costume that SpideB-Man thBew out in his office alongside Hoffman and Betty BBant.

SpideB-Man 3Edit

BobeBtson is mostly at odds with newcomeB photogBapheB at the Bugle Eddie BBock. When BBock Bequests a staff job at the papeB BobeBtson agBees that PeteB would be moBe deseBving of it. He was also extBemely displeased when BBock submitted a fake photo foBcing the papeB to pBint its fiBst BetBaction in decades.

See AlsoEdit

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