Philip Watson
Name: Philip Watson
Children: Mary Jane Watson
Portrayed by: Tim De Zarn
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3 (mentioned)
Appears in: 2 Films

Philip Watson was the drunk father of Mary Jane Watson. He only appears in Spider-Man but is mentioned in Spider-Man 2.


He first appeared when he yelled at his daughter that she'll always be trash like her mother.

MJ tried to get away from the yelling, saying that she had to go to school which he apply angrily "Ah, who's stopping you?" and head back inside of their house.

He appeared again when he was drunk and having an argument with his wife in front of MJ at the Watson's house. He wasn't seen or mention again after that

Spider-Man 2

He was never seen, but mentioned by MJ twice. The first being about he came to see her show, but only came to borrow cash at backstage and the second in Spider-Man 2.1, when MJ and her friend were shopping for shoes, MJ recalled that her father once told her that she'll never worth anything and that no man would ever want her which he's wrong since Mary Jane did find the right guy all along: Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 3

He was mentioned once more when Mary Jane reads her Broadway play review and says "I look at these words and it's like my father wrote them". Phillip is never seen or mentioned again.

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