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Norman Osborn
2014 Osborn
Name: Norman Virgil Osborn
Alias(es): Ultimate Goblin
Affiliation: Oscorp Industries
Rank: C.E.O.
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Spouse(s): Emily Osborn
Children: Harry Osborn
Portrayed by: Chris Cooper
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man (mentioned)
Last appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 3 Films
"This isn't how I imagined I'd die. Looking at my son, seeing a stranger"
―Norman Osborn to his son[src]

Norman Osborn is a brilliant scientist and CEO of Oscorp Industries. He is the behind-the-scenes villain of The Amazing Spider-Man film series. The character was mentioned in Marc Webb's film adaptation of Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man. The character was portrayed by actor Chris Cooper played the character in the second and third between 2014 and 2018. 


The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

Norman Osborn is a wealthy industrialist and is the CEO and founder of Oscorp Industries. Osborn is revealed to carry a terminal illness and is slowly dying as a result. In an attempt to try and find a cure for his condition he poured countless funds into finding a cure. In so doing he invested in the cross species genetics research of Richard Parker and Curt Connors.

However a cure was not manufactured as the serum broke down too soon to adapt to human DNA. Parker made the discovery but, fearing the untold implications, withheld it. Parker later died in a plane crash, along with his wife Mary, under mysterious circumstances. It is unknown wether Osborn had anything to do with it. Around the same time he sent his son Harry away to a boarding school.

Years later, Richard's son Peter found the formula and gave it to Connors. Dr. Rajit Ratha pressured Connors to test the serum on himself, which transformed himself into the infamous Lizard. Afterwards The Lizard was subdued by Spider-Man and incarcerated, while Ratha ceased his work with lizard DNA. No cure for Osborn's illness has since been discovered.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven Edit

Norman had made dealings with a Russian mercenary known as Sergei Kravinoff, who went by the moniker "Kraven the Hunter", whom he provided performance-enhancement potions to help him become the "ultimate hunter", as Kraven stated. Upon having learned of the superhero Spider-Man through TV reports, Norman deduced that Spider-Man was in fact a result of his former colleague Richard Parker's work, as one of the spiders had bitten him. Believing that the cure to his condition lied within Spider-Man's blood, Norman set up contacted Kravinoff. Appealing to Kraven's love of sport and hunting, Osborn made a deal with Kraven, to hunt down and obtain Spider-Man's blood, with his reward being "the greatest hunt of [Kraven's]] life". Kraven agreed to this. After having fought the hero, Kraven fulfilled his hunt, and provided a vial of Spider-Man's blood to Osborn. Norman then worked on synthesizing the spider DNA in the blood into a serum that could finally cure him of his illness. Upon administering his serum, it appeared to have worked. However, it actually began mutated Norman into a large hideous, green-skinned, goblin-like creature. The transformed Norman broke out of Oscorp, intent on finding Spider-Man. Confronting the hero, Osborn bellowed "I am the Goblin!" before attacking him. Spider-Man battled the rampaging Goblin, who was much stronger. Upon the Goblin strangling him, Peter managed to knock Goblin off of the building they were on, sending Goblin falling onto a transformer, electrocuting him. This severely weakened Norman, reverting him back to his human form. Severely weakened, with his condition having been worsened, Sergei found Norman's unconscious form and took him to his mansion, leaving Norman in his death bed.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2Edit

Norman called his son, Harry back to New York from boarding school and told him he was on his deathbed. He revealed to Harry that the disease that he was dying of was hereditary, but had been working on a cure that used Richard Parker's spider DNA. He was close to the cure but time ran out for him. He gave Harry what he knew in the hopes that he would be able to cure himself even though the spider's had been destroyed due to bad press Oscorp received thanks to Curt Connors' exploits.

Norman died the next day, leaving his fortune and company to his son.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Edit

In a flashback, Richard Parker and Curt Connors had found a meteor that had landed in Central Park. Upon dissecting it, a black substance, revealed to be a sentient, alien lifeform, emerged from the meteor. Osborn saw potential in the alien, and had it capsulized and stored in Special Projects, against Parker and Connor's wishes.



Cooper was cast for the part in early 2013. He described his character as being "on his last legs" and that The Amazing Spider-Man 2, would only be his introduction with a bigger role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.[1]

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