Jackson Brice
SMH Brice
Name: Jackson W. Brice
Alias(es): Shocker
Affiliation: Toomes Salvage Company
Portrayed by: Logan Marshall-Green
First appeared: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Appears in: 1 Film

Jackson Brice is a member of Adrian Toomes' criminal group.


Spider-Man: HomecomingEdit

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  • In the comics, Jackson Brice is a north-western criminal known as Montana, specialized in the use of lassos and lariats. He is a member of the Enforcers, a trio of criminals who worked for different crime lords in New York City, like the Kingpin.
  • In the 2008 animated series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Jackson Brice went by the name Montana, until he took up the mantle of the Shocker.

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