Joe's Pizza

Joe's Pizza is a pizzeria found in New York City, operated by Mr. Aziz, who briefly employed Peter Parker.


Spider-Man 2 (video game)

Mr. Aziz tasks Peter with delivering three pizzas to customers around New York within the span of 2 minutes, while also making sure that the pizzas are not jostled and flipped around to the point where they are liquefied, so that Mr. Aziz doesn't flip out. He assures Mr. Aziz that the pizzas are in good hands, changing into his costume and web-slinging around the city to deliver the pizzas quickly. Peter gets so caught up in what he was doing he forgets all about Dr. Connor's class and goes to his laboratory right after he delivers the pizzas.

Spider-Man 2

Peter arrives late to work and is informed by Mr. Aziz that he must deliver 8 extra-large deep dish pizzas to the Woolworth Building, 44 blocks away, within 7 ½ minutes, since Peter is the only available delivery boy. Aziz tells Parker he must deliver them on time or else they will not be paid for the pizzas and the pizzeria may lose a customer, and that this delivery is Peter's last chance. Peter races as fast as he can to the delivery location, but none-the-less arrives late and is not paid for the flipped pizzas. Mr. Aziz fires Peter and tells him that a promise means nothing to Peter.



  • Joe's Pizza is located on 233 Bleecker Street.
  • The motto of the restaurant is "Pizza Time".
  • Joe's Pizza is an actual establishment located in Greenwich Village. It has since moved from its Spider-Man 2 location three doors down to 7 Carmine Street. It has earned a reputation among New Yorkers as having some of the best slices in the city, and is confirmed to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[2]


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