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Goblin Lair

The Goblin Lair is the secret hideout of The Green Goblin, and later, New Goblin.



Located inside a secret part of the Osborn Penthouse, behind a mirror, was where Norman Osborn created his secret facility to keep his Goblin gear after his fits of temporary insanity were caused due to subjecting himself to the supersoldier serum being manufactured at Oscorp. It chiefly stores his armour, glider and supply of Pumpkin Bombs. Much of his gear remained hidden there after Norman was killed in his battle with Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2Edit

Two years later, a vision of Norman appeared in the mirror door demanding Harry to avenge his death by killing Spider-Man. Harry refuses and hurls a glass at the mirror, breaking it and revealing the goblin lair to him.

Spider-Man 3Edit

Months afterwards, Harry eventually used the goblin serum on himself and used some gear of his father's to try and kill Spider-Man. While under the influence of the symbiote, Spider-Man arrived at Harry's home and attacked him. The fight spilled over into the goblin lair where Harry was caught in the blast of a Pumpkin Bomb leaving him with facial scarring. Eventually, Harry's butler, Bernard Houseman, entered the lair, informing Harry that his father died by his own hand rather than Spider-Man's.

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