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This (Fan) trailer is Red Band because of language, violence, intense sequences and sex Note: This takes place after the events of Superman v. The Avengers III. That explains why there's DC and Marvel characters in this trailer since they co-exist in this universe I created. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I would recommend watching those videos (

Plot Details: Spider-Man died in Superman vs. The Avengers II, after risking his life to protect Black Widow from Ultron. Black Widow was haunted by his death throughout Superman v. The Avengers III. She felt guilty for his death since he was just a kid and would've had a great future ahead of him if he was still alive. Cap comforts her throughout all of this. Then 6 months later, Cap and Black Widow decide to retire from The Avengers. Mysteriously, Peter Parker is brought back to life in the Himalayas. His body is incredibly weak and he heads to Ra's al Ghul and The Ancient One's temple. The Ancient One believes Peter is the chosen one that has been foretold to follow in the path of mystic arts so she trains him for good while Ra's has different plans. He sees anger/hatred in Peter and decides to put him in the Lazarus Pit to make him even stronger physically and mentally. Inside the Lazarus Pit was an unknown extraterrestrial substance that Ra's Al Ghul got in the black market. The substance and the pit cause Peter to become an evil counterpart of him. The Avengers decide to throw a retirement party for Cap and Black Widow and that’s when Peter Parker interrupts. Black Widow realizes that this isn't the same Peter Parker, this one is full of hate/vengeance. Spider-Man is angry because he died for Black Widow and she didn't honor his death. He gets furious and gives Black Widow a decision of who will die him or Cap but Peter also wants to kill Black Widow. Spider-Man hires the assassins, Deathstroke, Deadpool and Deadshot, to help. The Ancient One gets very upset that Peter uses his power/training for evil so she leaves the temple for a long time. When Peter’s anger rises while in the black suit he turns into something demonic… Venom. Black Widow asks for Batman’s help so he does some research on Peter. He finds out that Peter’s been trained by Ra’s al Ghul. Batman promises to Black Widow no one will die like Jason Todd and Hank Pym. Batman confronts Spider-Man and Peter begs for help so Batman sends him to Arkham Asylum. However, that was Peter’s plan from the beginning to get locked up into Arkham form allies like Poison Ivy and get Black Widow to come in there. While there, Peter meets Wanda (she’s there to control her powers) and he realizes how much power she has with hatred and asks to show him. Peter starts working with Wanda. Cap and Black Widow decided they have to fight one more time to stop Peter and the assassins. During their final battle, Spider-Man blows up half of Hell’s Kitchen and Scarlet Witch betrays Cap and Black Widow because she falls for Peter even though he doesn’t love her and he’s just using her plus she wants to avenge her brother’s death. At Arkham, Harry Osborn is watching the whole event with his psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinnzel (before she became Harley Quinn) and he realizes his best friend, Peter, has returned and smiles. Black Widow and Spider-Man find out how Peter came back to life, they discover there are several gods/creators of each universe and the fallen god of their universe brought Spider-Man back to weaken The Avengers for when the time comes of Earth’s extinction and Peter is not the only dead body he has plans to resurrect. Spider-Man tells Black Widow to choose between him and Cap. She tells Steve she’s sorry and kills him so that Spider-Man thinks she chose him because that was the only way she would be able to stop him cause if she chose Steve, Peter expected it and would've killed both and many more people so Black Widow had to what needed to be done. Peter is amazed/glad with her decision then Black Widow picks up her gun and kills him. Wanda is devastated. Black Widow goes to the resurrection cell and destroys all of the dead bodies including Peter’s. Black Widow is horrified by all the recent events that happened and she can’t handle it anymore. She realizes her life was better off when she wasn’t an Avenger so she asks Wanda to wipe her memories from recent years and Wanda gladly accepts as revenge. Black Widow forgets all her memories from the events of Superman v. The Avengers to now so she leaves and goes back to Russia hoping for a rebirth. Post Title Scene: One body was able to survive Black Widow's explosion and thanks to the explosion it's awake and it's coming for The Avengers and Justice League. I do NOT own anything and this for entertainment purposes NOT profit.

Special thanks to KR Presents, Zelenks, Shield and Bodo Production for Black Spider-Man footage

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