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Ms. Simkins , or otherwise known as Ellie Simkins was Norman Osborn's co-assistant at OsCorp until his death.


We first see Simkins alongside Norman Osborn at OsCorp Industries , where they meet up with General Slocum to talk about the Performance Enhancer experiment that he developed , then threatened to take away the contract from him , if it wasn't a success.

The last time we also see her is when she comes to Norman's penthouse where his son , Harry finds him on the ground sick and didn't remember a thing. She informed that his colleague , Dr. Stromm had been murdered and that a jet glider and suit were stolen.


Like many co-assistants , Simkins would usually act casual , even around anybody. And sometimes she can be head-strung and frantic when there is something important that's serious.


She is played by actress K.K. Dodds

She is one of the four characters created alongside General Slocum , Mr. Balkan , and Mr. Fargas for the first film.

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