Captain Barbera
Name: Captain Barbera
Affiliation: NYPD
Rank: Captain
Portrayed by: Michael Pataki
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man Strikes Back
Appears in: 2 Films

Captain Barbera is a fictional character portrayed by Michael Pataki in the 1977 film The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, Spider-Man Strikes Back. The character was created for the film and has never before, nor since been featured or mention in any other Marvel Comics media. His character fulfills the same role as Captain George Stacy from the comic books.


The Amazing Spider-ManEdit

While investigating a suspicious car crash, Barbera is first introduced to Peter Parker at the scene, who explained the circumstances to him. Peter was later sent to photograph the scene where Professor Noah Tyler was found at the wheel of his car fleeing from a crime scene. He had been brainwashed into a robbery and forced to drive his car into a brick wall. Peter frees Tyler from the car allowing him to be taken to hospital. Captain Barbera began to grow suspicious of Peter being at another car crash.

Later, Peter discovers a way to jam a signal that the villain, Edward Byron is using and called Captain Barbera to inform him of his plan. The police arrest Byron's men sent to pick up the ransom. Spider-Man convinced Byron to turn himself in. He headed to the NYPD and entered Barbera's custody. Barbera then met J. Jonah Jameson outside and the two shared their mutual disliking of Spider-Man

Spider-Man Strikes BackEdit

After some college students steal some plutonium from the lab, Spider-Man unsuccessfully attempted to prevent the theft. However, Spider-Man is seen by security guards and, naturally, is blamed for the theft by Barbera when he shows up to investigate. When one of the students involved in the theft is admitted to hospital with radiation poisoning they come clean and are arrested by Barbera.

Barbera later questions two of the students in their cell as to the whereabouts of the missing plutonium. However the pair did not know, unaware that it had been, in turn, taken from them by Mr. White.

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