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Rank: Assistants
First appeared: Spider-Man
Appears in: 1 film

The Bonettes are a professional wrestling assistants for Bonesaw McGraw in New York City.



The Bonettes play a minor role but are still present a lot. They are first seen cheering for Bonesaw who wins a match easily. While he relaxes they refresh him. They are seen again when Spider-Man is ready to fight and each taunt him about how they and Bonesaw can beat him easily. While Spider-Man fights they pass Bonesaw weapons like a chair to hit Spider-Man they cheer Bonesaw but there cheers are soon ended when Bonesaw tries hitting Spider-Man with a crowbar but was defeated. They were shocked but accepted that Bonesaw lost, they were last seen examining his injuries.


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"Hit him harder!

All 4 of them are sporting wrestling gear. They have curvaceous figures Wearing black tight bra's with mostly white sparkles on them there sports bras comes with black skirts and black gloves. There revealing ample clevelage and midriff. Most of them exercised and have muscular abs.


"Kick his spider ass yeah!"

"Looks like Bonesaws going to eat you up and spit you out little man."

"Hit him harder!"

"Finish him off!"


  • On set during filming the Bonettes were uncomfortable wearing the wrestling gear since it was 45° degrees in the wrestling area since they have less clothes to work with.
  • One of the Bonettes, Erica d. Porter does wrestling.
  • It is unknown what there doing now but they still might be assistants for Bonesaw.


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