• Furlow7

    well green goblin,venom,and doc ock be in the movie?

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  • Kiwichris

    I wasn't really a huge fan of this film. Firstly, I thought a reboot was unnecessary so soon, I thought Spider-Man 3 was fine (and that it made $897 million) and from what I've read about Spider-Man 4 It sounded fine. Secondly the storyline was bordering on outright plagiarism. It was essentially just a rehash of Spider-Man with a different villain and love interest. I guess the source material dictates a bit, but in comparison to other reboots (Batman Begins, The Incredible Hulk, Man of Steel) it was just not unique enough from its predecessor.

    I appreciated the darker tone of the film, trying to emulate Batman Begins, however a few scenes such as Spider-Man on top of that skyscraper and Aunt May calling him up to get eggs and the scene where Spide…

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  • Gcheung28

    With "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" both hitting theaters this year, why not pit a heavy hitter from each movie against each other? If you remember this Batman vs. Superman post on DC, things can get heated when fans of superheroes start battling!

    For this versus battle, it's Spider-Man against Wolverine! Each has strengths and weaknesses, but which one do YOU think would come out the winner in the end? Check out the battle on Marvel Wikia and vote now!

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  • XD1
    The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has arrived, and it's filled with
    "Easter eggs" – references to the larger Spider-Man universe and hints at what's to come.

    Not sure if you caught them all? We've highlighted them in this episode of Wikia Fannotations.

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